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Magnetic Thoughts

Normally, I cannot sit down to write a poem to save my life, with two exceptions: one, I can compose poetry in modern(-ish)  Japanese which is laden with double entendres; and two, I can glance at a random collection of words on my refrigerator door and have an entire poem pop out at me, nearly complete, like some kind of linguistic Rohrschach test.


Some of them are pretty epic:


Others, pretty silly:


Sometimes, two poems will sort of merge into one, like these two did:


(My ‘little fish’ is a person, you see.)



Sometimes things get a bit suggestive:



Other times, there’s no suggesting about it.


But this is nothing compared to what I’ve done in the past. The sets of poetry magnets I have, you see, in addition to the ‘basic’ set, are ‘education’, ‘family’, and ‘naughty’. So you can imagine the kinds of things room mates of years past have been subjected to. 😛


Mr. Moose’s Long Forgotten Art Blog

Whoops, forgot I had a blog there for a minute.


It isn’t that I haven’t been busy producing art. More like, I haven’t kept a regular blog since I was a teenager. Time gets tight, and things fall off the bottom of the priority list. I guess this blog was one for a bit. But! I decided to poke its corpse back to life using black magic and a stick. To celebrate, here is my latest work:


“Mr. Moose,” 5in. X 7in. acrylic and sharpie on mini canvas board.


This was something I did for the sake of completing something fast. I have several other painting projects that I’ve been agonizing over lately, and I wanted to get something finished in just a couple of hours. It wound up being something in the neighborhood of four or five hours from the time that I painted over the original image (some lame snowman Christmas painting given to me by a co-worker, I think. Whoever it was, sorry, I painted over your painting. Come after me if you like.) until the time I finally decided to stop messing around with the details.


“Mr. Moose” is an old nickname of mine. Long story. As I said when I posted this painting on Facebook, things get weird when I try to paint my feelings. Anyways. This one is for sale or trade, but not currently available through my Etsy shop– I’m trying to move it on a more local, immediate level. Email enemyempire@gmail.com or get a hold of me in person if you know me.