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Festering Head Art


So, I’ve been doing painted hats again, and this time my take on rotting animal heads seems to be popular. This one is a bat head featuring the alchemical symbol for putrifaction. (Before this one there was a Satanic rabbit head, but I forgot to take photos of it when it was finished! Of all things…) The up-curved brim was actually a request from the person who commissioned it, apparently this Gomer Pyle-esque style is popular among skaterboarders here– it was certainly a challenge from a design point of view, but in the end I think I was able to capitalize on and give it a truly monstrous feel it by breaking the face up across three surfaces and putting the teeth right on the leading edge of the brim, like a sneering, up-turned lip. In fact, I may just adopt this technique and call it “monster style” from now on.


Bloody Gir Hats (with progress pics!)


Inspired by the new Invader Zim comic series, I decided to paint a fan art hat featuring the infamous “bloody Gir.” I snapped pictures of it along the way, just to give people an idea of what goes into one of my hats. I skipped the exhaustive stuff about primer and clearcoat, though, and just focused on the art itself:


Hat painted with primer, then white, then some nice bloody red spatters. You can see the sketch I’m working from on the right, there.


Then the basics of the body.


Basic shading


Yay! Blood!


Highlights and shadows, beginning outlines

Photo1003Tada! And then I thought, “I should do a blue version, too,” since Gir comes in two modes– the “normal” blue mode and red “attack” mode. Each one took me about twelve or fifteen hours to complete, something like that. These things are inexact, you know.