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Mr. Moose’s Long Forgotten Art Blog

Whoops, forgot I had a blog there for a minute.


It isn’t that I haven’t been busy producing art. More like, I haven’t kept a regular blog since I was a teenager. Time gets tight, and things fall off the bottom of the priority list. I guess this blog was one for a bit. But! I decided to poke its corpse back to life using black magic and a stick. To celebrate, here is my latest work:


“Mr. Moose,” 5in. X 7in. acrylic and sharpie on mini canvas board.


This was something I did for the sake of completing something fast. I have several other painting projects that I’ve been agonizing over lately, and I wanted to get something finished in just a couple of hours. It wound up being something in the neighborhood of four or five hours from the time that I painted over the original image (some lame snowman Christmas painting given to me by a co-worker, I think. Whoever it was, sorry, I painted over your painting. Come after me if you like.) until the time I finally decided to stop messing around with the details.


“Mr. Moose” is an old nickname of mine. Long story. As I said when I posted this painting on Facebook, things get weird when I try to paint my feelings. Anyways. This one is for sale or trade, but not currently available through my Etsy shop– I’m trying to move it on a more local, immediate level. Email enemyempire@gmail.com or get a hold of me in person if you know me.