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(My poetry and I are awful, on so many levels.)


We All Have Our Demons


I recently decided to rip into the blank Foomi figure someone gave me ages ago, turning it into this tiny grinning demon with a light-up jar head full of industrial junk and epoxy. Unsatisfied with his spiked mace accessory, I turned it into a brutal blood-soaked flail, to match all the screws and nails in his body. (He is a machine demon, you see, here to fuck up yo’ shit.)  I also went pretty hard on the glow-in-the-dark paint, as well. Upon being put up for sale on Facebook, he sold in a whopping three minutes– beating even my own previous record of seven minutes. He now lives with a nice lady named Jane in New York, and has been named “Kickstand” due to the, ah… apparatus which helps him counterbalance that big, heavy head.

Originally I had something else to say here too, but in the end… to hell with it.

Shrunken Head II

My latest hat, a private commission. The client actually wanted to buy the shrunken head hat from my private collection when he saw me wearing it, but I declined to sell it and instead suggested he commission me to do another one just for him. He accepted, and suggested a “third eye” motif, which reminded me of my idea for the design which I used.  In the pics above you can see it finished from various angles, under a blacklight to show off the glow-in-the-dark paint, in various stages of progress, and next to the original shrunken head hat.

Since I spend holidays alone, I plan on starting a print version of this design today. It might be a painting, or it might be vector art, I’m not sure yet. I find vector art is more versatile when it comes to reproduction, but I’ll never be as good on a computer as I am with real paint, brushes, and pens. I do like this style I’ve been experimenting with; the monochrome paint-spattered base layer overlaid with hard black lines, with the whole design bordered by matte black false background, is inspired by my flirtation with screen printing and stenciled street art. The use of color in selected details is a compromise between my desire to move my technique to something more minimal than what I instinctively do, and the desire to make a striking, dynamic composition.

Sometimes I purposely make my designs asymmetrical, because if I don’t I’ll become to obsessed with symmetry and balance. So I put little flaws into things, like how one of the laces on the top eye loops into the bands in the hair and not the skin on the forehead, and how two of the laces on the bottom eye are crossed. By making it imperfect from the outset, I keep myself from obsessing myself to a standstill.

If there is one thing I would change about this hat, I would finish the eyes off to be blacklight reactive as well. A genuine oversight.

If anyone wants to commission one for themselves, glowing paint and all, $50 is the base price. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Send support to Standing Rock.

Back to the old mixing board

I wired together what is left of my old audio studio while in the process of trying to sort out a heartache. I don’t consider myself much of a musician, even less of a guitarist, as I’m primarily known for my electronic music and DJing, but this one is made the old fashioned way– no samples of other artists’ work, long unedited recording takes, all drum sounds and synth programs made from scratch without presets, and no repeated looping (not even the drum machine), just pure old fashioned feeling from the shadows in my heart.  I have used the name ‘God In The Machine’ on my original music for about half of my life now, but this is the first time it has appeared in a while.

If thinking of her results in creating this, then I almost don’t care that she will never love me.

Critical feedback welcome


Gear list:

Drums- Korg ER1 MK2

Bass- Juno 106

Synth pads- Korg DSS-1

Guitar- Some cheapo thing that only has five strings

Drum/bass sequencing- Notator for Atari 1040ST

Recorded and mixed via Presonus Studio One

Shrunken Head Hat (with progress pic!)


My latest hat: my own take on a shrunken head. (Technically, shrunken heads no longer have eyes or teeth, they are removed along with the skull.) The laces glow in the dark, because why not? This one took much longer than usual. Not for sale– I’m keeping this one for sure.


One thing I wanted to do, which I think worked, is compose and place the face in a way which would make it look angry when viewed from one direction (the top down) and sad from another direction (the bottom up).


Progress pic, with rough draft. You can see that instead of a black background with a colored fill, I decided to do a colored background with black fill and lines. I think it worked well, but it took longer since it’s a somewhat unfamiliar style of painting for me– kind of backwards from how I normally do it.

Bloody Gir Hats (with progress pics!)


Inspired by the new Invader Zim comic series, I decided to paint a fan art hat featuring the infamous “bloody Gir.” I snapped pictures of it along the way, just to give people an idea of what goes into one of my hats. I skipped the exhaustive stuff about primer and clearcoat, though, and just focused on the art itself:


Hat painted with primer, then white, then some nice bloody red spatters. You can see the sketch I’m working from on the right, there.


Then the basics of the body.


Basic shading


Yay! Blood!


Highlights and shadows, beginning outlines

Photo1003Tada! And then I thought, “I should do a blue version, too,” since Gir comes in two modes– the “normal” blue mode and red “attack” mode. Each one took me about twelve or fifteen hours to complete, something like that. These things are inexact, you know.