We All Have Our Demons


I recently decided to rip into the blank Foomi figure someone gave me ages ago, turning it into this tiny grinning demon with a light-up jar head full of industrial junk and epoxy. Unsatisfied with his spiked mace accessory, I turned it into a brutal blood-soaked flail, to match all the screws and nails in his body. (He is a machine demon, you see, here to fuck up yo’ shit.)  I also went pretty hard on the glow-in-the-dark paint, as well. Upon being put up for sale on Facebook, he sold in a whopping three minutes– beating even my own previous record of seven minutes. He now lives with a nice lady named Jane in New York, and has been named “Kickstand” due to the, ah… apparatus which helps him counterbalance that big, heavy head.

Originally I had something else to say here too, but in the end… to hell with it.