Magnetic Thoughts

Normally, I cannot sit down to write a poem to save my life, with two exceptions: one, I can compose poetry in modern(-ish)  Japanese which is laden with double entendres; and two, I can glance at a random collection of words on my refrigerator door and have an entire poem pop out at me, nearly complete, like some kind of linguistic Rohrschach test.


Some of them are pretty epic:


Others, pretty silly:


Sometimes, two poems will sort of merge into one, like these two did:


(My ‘little fish’ is a person, you see.)



Sometimes things get a bit suggestive:



Other times, there’s no suggesting about it.


But this is nothing compared to what I’ve done in the past. The sets of poetry magnets I have, you see, in addition to the ‘basic’ set, are ‘education’, ‘family’, and ‘naughty’. So you can imagine the kinds of things room mates of years past have been subjected to. 😛


Shrunken Head II

My latest hat, a private commission. The client actually wanted to buy the shrunken head hat from my private collection when he saw me wearing it, but I declined to sell it and instead suggested he commission me to do another one just for him. He accepted, and suggested a “third eye” motif, which reminded me of my idea for the design which I used.  In the pics above you can see it finished from various angles, under a blacklight to show off the glow-in-the-dark paint, in various stages of progress, and next to the original shrunken head hat.

Since I spend holidays alone, I plan on starting a print version of this design today. It might be a painting, or it might be vector art, I’m not sure yet. I find vector art is more versatile when it comes to reproduction, but I’ll never be as good on a computer as I am with real paint, brushes, and pens. I do like this style I’ve been experimenting with; the monochrome paint-spattered base layer overlaid with hard black lines, with the whole design bordered by matte black false background, is inspired by my flirtation with screen printing and stenciled street art. The use of color in selected details is a compromise between my desire to move my technique to something more minimal than what I instinctively do, and the desire to make a striking, dynamic composition.

Sometimes I purposely make my designs asymmetrical, because if I don’t I’ll become to obsessed with symmetry and balance. So I put little flaws into things, like how one of the laces on the top eye loops into the bands in the hair and not the skin on the forehead, and how two of the laces on the bottom eye are crossed. By making it imperfect from the outset, I keep myself from obsessing myself to a standstill.

If there is one thing I would change about this hat, I would finish the eyes off to be blacklight reactive as well. A genuine oversight.

If anyone wants to commission one for themselves, glowing paint and all, $50 is the base price. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Send support to Standing Rock.