Back to the old mixing board

I wired together what is left of my old audio studio while in the process of trying to sort out a heartache. I don’t consider myself much of a musician, even less of a guitarist, as I’m primarily known for my electronic music and DJing, but this one is made the old fashioned way– no samples of other artists’ work, long unedited recording takes, all drum sounds and synth programs made from scratch without presets, and no repeated looping (not even the drum machine), just pure old fashioned feeling from the shadows in my heart.  I have used the name ‘God In The Machine’ on my original music for about half of my life now, but this is the first time it has appeared in a while.

If thinking of her results in creating this, then I almost don’t care that she will never love me.

Critical feedback welcome


Gear list:

Drums- Korg ER1 MK2

Bass- Juno 106

Synth pads- Korg DSS-1

Guitar- Some cheapo thing that only has five strings

Drum/bass sequencing- Notator for Atari 1040ST

Recorded and mixed via Presonus Studio One